Sunday, May 22, 2011

Parampara Series P-1013- 1020

A few traditional patterns

These traditional pieces are are available at very attractive prices :)
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P-1013- This is a customised piece.
P-1014,Kundan + red beads.
Very simple necklace , kundan + white acrylic beads.

P-  1016 small kundan+ red  bead single layer

P -1017
Pearl necklace

P- 1018  this piece not for sale. Just a pattern created displaying here.Can be made to order.

P-1019 Bangles- Pearls and coral, custom made

P-1020 Sandstone bangles , custom made

pearl long chain


  1. Very beautiful, it is a pity I don't wear necklaces.

  2. Mridula, thanks for the appreciative comment.

  3. Lovely chitra, even the previous ones. I am now off to see your last fortnights posts which i missed.

  4. Asha, thanks, I have been away for quite some time. Getting back to normal schedule is taking long:(