Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aadhaya Series A-1061

A- 1061
Black beads big + gold balls oxidised variety+ crystal pendant
Can be customised too.
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  1. One more lovely addition to the fabulous array of jewels

  2. All these look awesome Chitra! I must say that they are also photographed superbly preserving (?) the original color! Well done!

    Are you selling them?

  3. Gopalan, thanks for the lovely comment that too from a person who is too good with the camera.
    All for sale :)
    I do not edit them in Picasa except for adding my name ,to retain the originality so that the customers will see the right colors.
    Planning to buy a camera with better resolution which I need badly as I need for this venture and for pilgrimages too.
    All pics shot early in the morning come out well.