Monday, July 29, 2013

Premium Collections- PC-016

PC-016 Navy blue faceted Agate 10mmand 6mm woven together to make a classic piece. Minimum fillers are used to keep the sparkle of pendant and beads intact.the pendant is America diamond stones and size is about 2 inches diameter.The necklace comes with an adjustable necklace cord.Check my FB page.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rupali-1102, 1103

Ruplai-1102, necklace made of 8mm natural pearls, antique finish fillers and pendant and earring set. Comes with an adjustable necklace cord.
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Do not sell on any other FB page. Foreign disaptches are undertaken and easy payment options.


A beautiful light pink tulip necklace made of fancy tulip beads and 3mm pink beads.Length 171/2 inches.
I do not sell on any other FB page and do not copy my pictures.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dispatches of July 16/13

Some domestic and some to US
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rupali 1100,1101 and a dispatch

These pearls were sent all the way from US and they have taken shape into beautiful adornments. 
Dispatch is scheduled for today 11/07/13
Please contact for custom designing. my email . You may check Chitra's Jewel Art page on FB too.
Foreign dispatches are undertaken, easy payment option

100th design in Rupali
R-1100- deep pink 12 mm faceted agate with minakari and oxidised fillers and an antique finish pendant set with American diamond stones.. This set is made to order and comes with bracelet .  

R-1101 A much sought after choker - back in stock coffee brown with blue floral designs wheel shaped minakari bead and minakari stone balls. comes with matching earrings.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rupali 1091- 99

 An elegant multi layered necklace made with turquoise beads Pachi pendant and oxidised fillers.
For creating beautiful unique designs contact 
Foreign dispatches undertaken.-Sold

R-1092 faceted  garnet and pearl studded minakari balls -Sold

14 mm pink agate , 1 gm gold fillers , minakari and Pachi pendant with matching earrings..SOLD
Olive green quartz stones with pearl balls, oxidised fillers and a beautiful lac pendant
Size of green bead-12mm,comes with a dangler- Available

R-1095- Powder corals and side pendants - Sold

Sleek model - Red Howlite bead mixed with 6 m.m powder corals . Shell shaped german silver fillers used as pendants as well as to make earrings. Availble

R-1097 availble
Turquoise stones- wheel bead ,cinnabar bead as pendant and barrel shaped Powder corals mixed with German silver fillers. Length of the necklace 171/2 inches.Twisted chain made of small turquoise and powder red corals.

R-1098 availble
Black smooth crystal drops+ enamel beads+Antique finish pendant and earrings.Adjustable necklace cord is used at the back.

R-1099 availble
 A three layered Garnet necklace using 4mm and 8mm garnets. Mixed with minakari fillers.Comes with a garnet stud..handmade.An adjustable necklace cord is used at the back

Rupali-1083- 90

Some designs I had created...Some of the designs are sold..But can be created again depending upon the availability of materials- contact for price details.Check my FB page Chitra's Jewel Art
Foreign disaptches are undertaken . Easy payment options.
Rupali- 1083
Green Agate and minakari beads- Sold
Red quartz with chunk Indonesian beads (availble)

Dark maroon faceted Agate with minakari fillers ( available)

Purple Agate 12mm with Indonesian matching beads (availble)

R-1087 Mina balls,Temple pendant- Sold

R-1087( A)-10mm Orange -red Jasper beads with bell flowers arranged on side of necklace.-Sold

R-1088 Turquoise + spike beads+ light weight oxidised fillers.-Sold

R-1089 Czech glass spikes+ light weight oxidised filelrs and black onyx- Sold

R-1090 Red agate faceted 12m.m with Mehendi finish fillers and pendant- Available

Earrings Special- July 2013

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Shipping to foreign countries also undertaken. Easy payment options.