Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rupali 1091- 99

 An elegant multi layered necklace made with turquoise beads Pachi pendant and oxidised fillers.
For creating beautiful unique designs contact 
Foreign dispatches undertaken.-Sold

R-1092 faceted  garnet and pearl studded minakari balls -Sold

14 mm pink agate , 1 gm gold fillers , minakari and Pachi pendant with matching earrings..SOLD
Olive green quartz stones with pearl balls, oxidised fillers and a beautiful lac pendant
Size of green bead-12mm,comes with a dangler- Available

R-1095- Powder corals and side pendants - Sold

Sleek model - Red Howlite bead mixed with 6 m.m powder corals . Shell shaped german silver fillers used as pendants as well as to make earrings. Availble

R-1097 availble
Turquoise stones- wheel bead ,cinnabar bead as pendant and barrel shaped Powder corals mixed with German silver fillers. Length of the necklace 171/2 inches.Twisted chain made of small turquoise and powder red corals.

R-1098 availble
Black smooth crystal drops+ enamel beads+Antique finish pendant and earrings.Adjustable necklace cord is used at the back.

R-1099 availble
 A three layered Garnet necklace using 4mm and 8mm garnets. Mixed with minakari fillers.Comes with a garnet stud..handmade.An adjustable necklace cord is used at the back