Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aadhaya Series A-1060

Maroon translucent crystals + green + Oxidised silver beads
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  1. hmm, Nice.. good looking..

    visit Please,,

  2. Chitra,
    You are teasing all the women readers with your fabulous creations making them want each one you present almost daily.I am indecisive when I attempt to choose the best as each one of them is appealing!!!

  3. KP,
    Many many thanks for the nice compliment.

  4. Hi Chitra,
    I see your jewellery work has grown and they all are very attractive!

    I hope you are getting buyers as well.

    How do you accept payment from your buyers? I had told you about Amazon and Flipkart earlier.

    Another method is Paypal, which is a very secure online method of paying by credit card or bank transfer. You can go to and open your account there using an email address. You'll need to add details of a bank account there. Then, you can go to merchants section, make an online payment icon ("Buy now" or "Add to Cart") and paste the code on your jewellery website.

    People buying your jewellery can just click on this icon and pay by credit card. The money will show in your Paypal account which you can e-transfer to your bank account. It's a safe and fast method of getting online payment without having to wait for cheques and the delay in getting them encashed.

    I have created such an icon for my online journal. Look for "Add to Cart" icon on the right menu to understand how this process works - It's very easy to do this.

  5. Archana ,
    I will send you a mail. I need to discuss some things with you.

  6. Hi Chitra,

    I like this jewellery. Could you please tell me what is the price of this one? Where can i purchase this?


  7. Tania,
    I operate only from home. Will you pls. send me a mail at the above address given along with the post.. I will mail you the details. Thanks for showing interest.