Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aadhaya Series- Pearls

Aadhya- 1048 pearls  ( crystals) and a stone studded pendant + earrings


 A-1049 Crystal pearls + uncut ruby with minakari work+ heavy oxidised metal balls.


Customised pieces. A-1050 with natural pearls

A-1051, A simple two layered pearl necklace with peacock pendant. (Attractive price).

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  1. I like second one the best- the one with uncut ruby balls.
    Pearls are always so beautiful.

  2. Kiran,
    Really, when I added the ruby balls the effect was stunning, I also love it.

  3. Bikram , Suggest something and I shall make. In fact that is a good idea.

  4. wow, A-1049 is just the one I want. the presentation is excellent. Are they expensive?. Here when we buy pearls at charminar it is least expensive.

  5. Asha.
    thanks for the comment. I have used natural as well as crystal pearls. I have priced it reasonably.Interested? How can I send you the price.Will you please send me email on my given id.

  6. Pearls are considered as a symbol of beauty and elegance. This uniqueness and beauty of pearls has made it a prized possession for ages. It is never known to be out of fashion. It has become a style statement irrespective of the ages. It also goes well as a combination with other gemstones which of course is an added advantage. Thanks for sharing these fabulous images of fancy pearl necklace.

  7. Pearls Bridal earrings,
    Thanks for the visit and the comment.