Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sandstones....Parampara and Aadhya.

Decided to club all the items I made with sand stone . You will find both Parampara and Aadhya here.

Parampara- 1007 ,Sandstone big beads with stone fillers and a temple jewelery pendant.

 P-1007, a closer look

  P- 1008 .Sand stone medium sized beads with natural pearls and golden coloured fillers + pendant

P-1009, Sandstone- small and medium sized long chain with gold colour balls and gold plated pendant

 P-1010 sandstone medium sized with light weight gold colour fillers+ pendant

P- 1011 A sandstone and pearl combination+ white and white  stone pendant.

P - 1012, Medium sand stone + stone fillers + sand stone pendant.

Aadhya -1025 Big and small sized sandstone with onyx pendant & earrings framed with German silver

 Aadhya -1026 Square crystals with sandstone.

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these can be customised to individual requirement.

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