Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aadhaya Series- A -1028,

Aadhya- A-1028 A necklace made of dark pink onyx and stone fillers .

Aadhya- 1029  Deep green onyx + stone fillers.

Same necklace can be worn upside down,  plain stones also look beautiful.

All these can be customised.
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  1. Amazing juwels :)))))))))
    Puurfect .....

    hugs from us
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  2. Anya, Thanks, Hope you had a nice B'day celebration.

  3. The pink one's are so different!Is this inspired from anywhere?

  4. Raji,
    No... It's my creation, I generally do not look at any designs lest I would repeat them.Repetitions are always boring. When I see a bead I keep creating mental patterns then give a physical shape.
    I am happy you found it different. While purchasing itself I know some pieces can be created beautifully.It's only mixing and matching. Thanks Raji.