Saturday, February 5, 2011

Parampara Series- ( P- 1001)

                                                            Parampara- N0: P- 1001
Can we imagine a life with out our Paramparic or traditional jewellery. This has been part of our culture for ages. We cannot even imagine attending a function with out adorning one. These are also used by performers of dance and music as it certainly adds grace and charm . Imagine a festival with out the jewellery.  Even a stone image in a temple when adorned with jewels and silk appears attractive.

I have decided to create some traditional patterns with affordable prices. Sky rocketing prices of precious metals is driving the common man to seek for substitutes and here is one. If you are interested let me know:). Available in maroon , black, deep green and purple colours. 

Type -  Necklace, - Materials used white and green stones and gold colored fillers.Back chain


  1. beautiful necklace yes traditional

  2. This is so beautiful... You made it yourself??
    A hidden talent, you never told us about it...
    Very beautiful and yes paramparic too...

  3. Arti,
    This I Started recently.Was waiting for an opportune moment for publishing all this.Thanks for the visit.

  4. Hi chitra ,this is nice .You have your own jewelry designing /store?

  5. Raji, Started recently, presently operating from home. Was busy with that launch.Thanks for visiting.

  6. Dear Chitraji,
    All your jewelery are too beautiful with pleasing and rare colour combinations....Could you please send me the rates for this one and the butterfly necklace?


  7. Bindhu, sure dear. I will send you a message regarding the rates.

  8. Hi Chitra,

    I hope this is the favorite space for women... they will drive here like anything provided they know about it...

    Nice collections.

  9. Abhi, yes, it sure would be. May be it would take some time.Thanks for dropping in.