Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Jewel Art- An Introduction ( A-1001)

Since time immemorial, Jewels have held a special place in the lives of humans. Earlier, jewels used were of animal claws, teeth, bones ,various precious stones of cut and the uncut variety. Things have changed though the same items are used in a sophisticated manner these days. The invention  of various machines, accessories available these days has made the jewelery  vertical , a huge revenue earner for the country. Jewels never cease to interest a person, be it a woman or a man but the former seems to be the ones who like to adorn themselves with ornaments. Even a simple neck chain when worn makes a person look different and attractive. So adorning jewels has always and will  remain a part of our culture. The love for the yellow metal in India is very much known . With prices spiralling it is  becoming a dream for many. Diamonds and  silver are also beyond the means of many. So artificial jewellery is a good substitute especially when it comes to pricing.  It looks as attractive and appealing with the grace  intact.  It is affordable and would certainly add to ones looks:).

Me and Jewels-  I have been a connoisseur of Jewellery, hailing from a family of jewellers ,the lineage coming from both maternal and paternal side, I have grown up seeing various designs that were meticulously crafted by the goldsmiths . I remember how my sisters and me  were decked up with jewellery during the temple festivals and later, I grew out of that fancy of wearing those embellishments. I still remain a great appreciator of fine designs. I  got into designing jewellery a few years back. Yes, another aspect of mine  which was lying dormant  took shape but  remained as designs only in paper.

One cannot say when and how things happen in life.  I feel it is destiny. One fine morning, I got the urge to start designing jewels and the inspiration came from 2 of my friends who are already into this.  A mere mention of this to them and I was flooded with suggestions and here I am with my creations of  artificial hand made Jewellery. I was amazed at the way I could move my deft fingers . So this how the the baby 'Chitra's jewel art ' was born.  Apart from being a soft skill trainer, now I am taking pride I am able to do something creative. This is like meditation for me , a time spent totally focusing on the intricacies of developing  a piece. So much work goes into each one as it involves choosing, blending, making and finishing. The colour combination definitely adds a charm to the whole jewelry item. I have just started , have to scout for materials now . Hope I will be able to create unique and wonderful patterns. I need your hearty wishes for this venture.

I would be uploading photos in this website and please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my creations. This can also be customised for your requirements.

Here's my first Launch:

Aadhya : A-1001
Materials used Crystal beads, garnet, backchain


  1. Congrats!!!!!

    Wish you all success in the new creative venture Chitramma...May this passion of yours take you to great heights.



  2. tudakkam kalakki:)


  3. Poorni,thanks for your wishes.

  4. Shibz,
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  5. Chitra,
    you are so absolutely talented! You are a real artist in jewellery-making.

    I'm sure your jewellery will be very popular.

    Have you seen the Amazon site where you can sell your products? See also Flipkart. These are sites which can give you an international outreach in advertising your jewellery.

  6. Thanks a ton Archana, you made my day. You are very kind and loved your genuine appreciation.

    I am not aware of that advertising thing. Shall check out the same. Was busy with this launch .