Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jewellery for Men :)

I have been designing jewllery only for women and there were repeated requests from my friends why I am not designing something for men too. I was raking my brains and decided to innovate and design something and my inspiration for this has come from my blogger friend  Bikram.Thanks dear friend, never knew this was possible too.
This is only a small beginning.
These can be customised to individual requirement.

Agate finely woven with silk cord.
 Shells and white  stones.
Black frame beads


  1. THIS IS beautiful , yayyyyyyyyyyyyy .. and yes I want them for myself :) how do i get them pleaseeeeeeeeeeee especially the FIRST ONE that is beautiful


  2. Shall keep it aside. You tell me how should I send it..Can give with next order.:)

  3. Goodness Gracious what exactly are these - they look so beautiful & exquisite. Never seen men wearing such stuff. Maybe the beginning of a new trend !

  4. ramakrishnan
    Yes not a new trend but a first in Chitra's Jewel Art.

  5. Must congratulate you on this innovation. And best wishes !