Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Earring Special-5, January 2012

Here are a few earrings I have created. make your choice and let me know.
Contact -

1.German silver stud with shell pearl.

2. E-171Hoop earrings- Rs.100/-
3.E-172.Price -Rs.100/-
 4E-173.Coral + resin -Rs.150/-
 5.E-174 ,fibre glass beads - Rs.75/-
E-175, pink crystals-Rs.100/-
 E-176,acrylic beads- Rs.150/-
 E-177,Jade ,ruby, g.silver- Rs175/-
E-178, Glass beads- Rs.125/-
E-179, Ruby- Rs.175/-

 E-180,Black acrylic rose+ onyx, g.silver hooks- Rs175/-
 E-181,crystal hoops- Rs.200/-
 E-182,Kundan - Rs.150/-
 E-183,Kundan + crystal - Rs.150/-
 E-184,Peach rose- Rs-175/-
 E-185,G.silver jhumka- Rs.125/-
E-186 German silver stud+ onyx
 E-187,G.silver  sunflower- Rs.175/-
E-188,Light pink, crystal earring with stud Rs.75/-

E-189,G.silver earring- Rs.175/-


  1. Chitra, I am loving your creations. Especially the Peach rose one muaaah! Very good. Please let me know how to order for one.

  2. Ashwini, Happy you like my creations.If you need one please write to me at Shall give you further details.

  3. Wow. What an amazing array of exquisite ear rings, each more beautiful than the other. Feel like wanting to grab the entire lot:)

  4. creativity at its best....loved each of them....

  5. ok.. I am all wanting for some ear rings now.. and guess wat.. my sis didn't talk to me for sometime as I said I will not buy her these ( reason being.. I resigned my current job and from next month i am jobless.. so budget tight.. )
    will place order once I find a job ( hope tat day is not too long )

    i am in love with German silver stud+onyx

  6. Ramya...
    Hope you find a good job soon , Not for buying my earrings but for you.

  7. hi chitra ,

    loved ur creations and the beautiful earnings , how to order the earnings , even liked the beautiful braclet which is getting despatch to US , can we order the same.

    all the best wishes in ur creation


  8. Sampada, you can contact me on The one that is dispatched to US is not a bracelet , it is neckband.The band is out of stock but you please leave message @ the given mail id. thanks for the appreciation.

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