Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rupali Series

Rupali is a Sanskrit word which means 'beautiful'. Here I would be presenting some beautiful creations and hope I would get the same  encouragement and support from my dear friends. This  exotic  collection  of  "Rupali" is  made  with handpicked variety of finest materials. Sourcing , finding exact materials to mix and match and designing are very essential part of jewellery making and are really time and energy consuming. But when the creations happen it gives tremendous satisfaction . The amount of time spent in photographing each piece is a real experiment in itself. I hope this series of exquisite jewel pieces would also give satisfaction to many who would like to bedeck themselves with the Best , a collection that will last forever. Looking forward to your support.

Code -R-1001, Uncut ruby and jade and stone studded pendant+ stone fillers.
Price- Rs. 1500
jade 4mm balls,