Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parampara- P-1022.P23

Not for sale.
Made for temple deities.
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  1. lovely chains chitra .That was nice of you to do this for the god.did u give to some temple?

  2. Yes, it would be sent soon.It's for Bhagavathi Amman temple in Kerala.

  3. Wow....

    Its so nice na to be making something for the Goddesses. I still remember long back, we used to get pattu from silk shops and get them converted to pavadais for amman. Then after a few yrs, the shops started selling readymade pavadais...but it was such a cute concept..

  4. Poorni, I felt so good making this.I had made one earlier also. Yes, pavadais, as you said used to get stitched and it was our choice of materials. Now we have to choose from what is available.

  5. very good thought. making any thing for god gives so much of satisfaction. BTw did you see your pilgrimage blog has been listed as one of the best indian blogs on Indian blog directory. It deserves much more than that. Congrats! keep it going!!

  6. Asha, thank you so much.
    You are first one who is giving me this happy news. Never check all those things.Just blogging for personal satisfaction, If it is listed that also would be God's gift to me...

  7. Chitra that is so nice that you are offering it to deities and not selling. You are awesome.